Monday, December 14, 2009


album of the year(2009)

Dirty Projectors-Bitte Orca

Their first album by Domino.
Dave Longstreth ,Dirty projectors frontman is a yale grad and he has a weird voice.And he did a great job with this album.The most inventive album of the last year(or years?)

album of the decade 2000-2009

The Coral-The Coral

I think the coral are one of the most underrated bands of this decade.They are not even known outside europe and here their only song you can listen outside your home is "dreaming of you".But,really,they are such a good band.They sound as if they came back from the late 60s and some times 50s.They were retro long ago before it was fashionnable.And they are sooo young!You can tell that James Skelly has been staying up late as a kid listening to oldies radio.

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