Sunday, December 20, 2009


album of the year(2009)

Kings of Convenience-Declaration of Dependence

I' ve been waiting for this album release for months!Their first album in 5 years!Finally I would listen to some news songs!

And of course when it came out I bought it.And they didn't disappoint me.They never do.

They still have those stunning voices that I can't get enough of and these fingerpicking melodic guitars and a few more acoustic instruments-only that!Their music doesn't need anything else to appear beautiful!It doesn't need to dress up!Just simple,acoustic songs that invite you to fall in love with them.You can never say no.Just like the pretty ladies in ths video...

album of the decade 2000-2009

Adam Green-Gemstones

He's a satyr!There's no doubt for that!But it gets so ironic because his music is so good!And he sings so seriously you don't expect from him to sing about...well the stuff he sings about.For example if someone doesn't know what the phrase "getting head" means ,the lyrics "i'll be getting head under the rainbow "will sound quite romantic.(it happenned with me I have to admit...until someone told me about the meaning of the phrase and I felt so stupid.).
Well this song is not in this album I just thought it should be mentioned..

Nothing more to say,just listen to some of his songs and you'll have double experiences:The beauty of the sοng ,his jazzy voice etc and the hilarious/sick lyrics
that brings to your face this weird expression which means"did he really say that now or I just thought he did?"Like the first line of the following song.."Carolina
, she's from Texas,Red bricks drop from her vagina ..."

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