Saturday, December 19, 2009


album of the year(2009)


Yeah they are not actually girls.But they sing about girls!They are from San Francisco and they play kind of indie pop but the singer looks as if he's playing in a grunge band.

I read somewhere that he grew up in the childrens of god cult where they don't believe in medicine and that's how he lost his brother in a young age.His father left him and his mother was forced by the cult to prostitute herself.Then a local millionaire took Owens under his wing, and Owens moved from Texas to San Francisco.That's how the simple lyrics of lust for life make real sense:
"Oh i wish I had a boyfriend,I wish I had a loving man in my life,I wish I had a father and maybe then I would have turned alright.But now I'm just crazy,and totally mad,I am just crazy and fucked in the head".

But enough about the personal stuff.Let's talk about music!But really,I don't know what to say...I can admit that maybe they don't deserve the 3rd place in this list because this is not "the masterpiece"of the year technically and musically.I am not sure if they bring anything new to the music.Maybe you will think you've heard them before.You can understand their influences by the first listen of the album(I really love this Buddy Holly-like hiccupy thing he does with his voice).

BUT (I don't know how to make this "but" look bigger but imagine it is.It is a rrrreally big BUT.)These songs about heartbreaks sang with his simple, playful way are so powerful even if they are just classic break up songs.And they have this enormous ability to stick in your head for a long time(i've been singing inside my head the song lust for life for the past week).

So this is the video for this absolutely fantastic song.Enjoy !

But it's not over.Guess what,there's another video made by the same director made by all the scenes that couldn't make it to the original video(gay porn,boobs,drugs etc)
WATCH IT NOW HERE!!!!!!!!!!!

album of the decade 2000-2009

Franz Ferdinand-Franz Ferdinand

I would be insane and with absolutely no taste in music and no gratitude if I didn't put this album in this place.What a piece of art!Every single song was a hit!I am so proud of my 16 year old self that I was so obsessed with this band.

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