Saturday, December 19, 2009


album of the year(2009)

Andrew Bird-Noble Beast

Obviously!There's nothing that would prevent this record to be in the first place except for my enormous love for the band in the first place.(You'll find out tomorrow).

I met a boy from England who was lucky enough to see him playing live.He was there with his mother and his little sister.They were so touched by his performance they couldn't help but burst into tears.

album of the decade 2000-2009

Benoît Pioulard-Précis

Aka Thomas Meluch.I simply love his music.I don't know why so much!It's the typical late afternoon emotional charging music that somehow always expresses me.But at the same time ,even if his sounds are quite experimental and "icelandic" ,his melodies are so pop and well structured and romantic and"catchy".So,catchy melodies with beautiful sounds-that he's been recording since he was 14 years old-from forests,rivers,mountains and trains.Add an extremely charming voice,childlike sweet but also mature.All these by a 24 year old man(who is quite handsome fyi...).

This album came out in 2006 in kranky(I really trust this record company)

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