Sunday, September 26, 2010


I saw it a few weeks ago.

As the poster mentions : the most antidepressant comedy of the year.

Not exactly comedy in my opinion...It hardly had any dialogues. It didn't make me laugh , but it made me smile. And that's more difficult.
What's more, it made it easier for me to understand the north temperament.

A silent , white ,optimistic road movie. That's what it is.

Friday, September 24, 2010

misery is over

I am finally glad to announce that misery is over.And I don't mean Summer of course!It's just that whenever I come back from super,great, incredible holidays I feel miserable.

Tonight is the first night of fall in this little hot country I live.The first night I can hear the rain falling outside and it actually feels nice just being inside.

I have so many things to write about my summer,it's just that I never write when I 'm having fun.

It's weird,I actually write more while I am bored.But that isn't such a clever thing to do in a blog.I would prefer reading about exciting things and not about staying in and cooking..

But anyway...

I was lucky enough to go to the greatest tiny festival : indietracks!In Derbyshire , UK , where I saw among others allo darling,the smittens ,pains of being pure at heart, white town, stars of aviation, the pooh sticks, mexican kids at home who played in a train carriage,slow club and the ultimate surprise,cineplexx!

After that I flew with the boy (he likes it when I call him that...) to Zurich,Switzerland.
We spent ten perfect days there, just walking around and visiting many weird places.(did you know that the most dangerous street in Europe is in clean and calm Zurich?Well we should know cause we were walking there and we thought we were going to get murdered..)

Then we took the train to Paris, where we stayed for 3 days and saw Jens Lekman playing live . We also met two friends there who live in Barcelona .Europe really is a big city after all.
We followed Jens in a small but beautiful bar where he was djing,where we managed to enter after a misunderstanding  with the security guard who was offended  because we couldn't understand his English ...Well I tried to speak his language and he was so touched that he finally let us in..

And that's how i met Jens Lekman!He is a charming man.

Ok, where were we?We left Paris,went back to Zurich for a good night's rest  and the next morning headed to Venice!Spent almost two days there and then back here..

But i had more time so I spent more than two weeks in the islands.And I have to admit that's the place anyone should be during summer..

After that came the studying...But not much to say about it.

Two days ago my best friend left to London...again.I can't wait to visit her.

hopefully I 'll be bored enough from now on so I will post more often.