Thursday, December 17, 2009


album of the year(2009)

Sleeping States-In the Gardens of the North

Sleeping States , aka Markland Starkie started in 2004 and has released some 7"s on diy and lo-fi labels but also on queercore labels such as homocrime or local kid.He is not the typical queercore artist though.

His harmonic vocals reminds me of old folk songs and his nostalgic melodies stay keenly in my head every time I listen to his songs.His voice is really addictive.

I love bella union for releasing this album and re-releasing some old self-releases as if it wouldn't be for the promo cd of bella union,that somehow I got,I would have never heard of this magnificent artist.

What more should I say?Listen to his music and you'll be convinced!

album of the decade 2000-2009

Patrick Wolf-Lycanthropy

I've heard this record a million times and i still love it.This hardly ever happens to me.I get bored easily ,and I'm usually quite snobbish with artists I used to listen in my adolescence.But this record is so damn good!This guy is really a genius!

Of course I used to be in love with him(I know he is kind of effeminate but i wouldn't care)What's not to love about him?He has a great voice,he had finally overcome this stupid overuse of guitars,instead he plays the cello,he refers to virginia wolf in his songs and he lives in a farm near london with his beautiful fat cat.And he refers to himself as Tristan.His name is Tristan and he is alive!

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