Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Came back from Frankfurt yesterday.It was such a great experience!

I went for the book fair as my family is in book business. It is so great to meet so many new people , every single one of them a book lover.(I meet them so rarely these days...)

There was nothing that reminded me of autumn there.Weather was sunny and everyone was out walking with a smile on their face...Even though Frankfurt is such a depressing city, with the skyscrapers and all, giving the idea that there is no home there,only offices, I was lucky enough to see the human side of it.

Also went for a day trip in Heidelberg . Extraordinarily beautiful. Especially under that burning sun. Didn't do much though, just sat in a cafe -for more than an hour- and ate in a picturesque traditional restaurant (pumpkin soup was just perfect!).

That's all I guess... Now listen to this song which followed me for five days. It was stuck up there .I couldn't help it.


  1. Pumpkin soup...that must have been heaven for you!

  2. yum yum, pumpkin soup is the perfect food for autumn! welcome back mademoiselle :)