Monday, October 4, 2010

Der Himmel über Berlin

Another movie to talk about.

The story may sound a little silly: two angels flying above Berlin listening to people's thoughts. They can't do anything to change their lives but sometimes they hold their hands and make them feel better. One of them falls in love with a young circus actress and decides to leave his divine nature to follow her. While Nick Cave follows them...(he is everywhere!In the posters on the streets, in the soundtrack , he even appears playing live at the end of the film. Wim Wenders must be obsessed with him)

What was really interesting was the exploration of human thought. I always loved the idea of understanding the thoughts of  people.Thoughts that begin from suicide and end up on that guy who wears the wrong socks for his outfit.

The scene that you can see here is from the metro. A place so many souls visit everyday.

It was filmed in 1987.Germany was so different back then.

I am flying tomorrow morning to Frankfurt and I want to have this picture of Germany in my mind..

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