Monday, June 7, 2010


Some years ago I was invited for dinner by my old English teacher.She is a woman I have always admired a lot.She was one of the most beautiful women of her generation and one of the brightest as well.A deeply educated person and an original cosmopolitan .

I met her when she was about 50 years old.She had chosen not to get married because she really loved her independence.  So she was living with her mother and their cat and dog.Quite depressing I suppose...

 I was invited to her new apartment and by the time I entered I knew something was wrong. It was full of boxes which were full of useless collections.She kept every issue of a newspaper since 1974 ,every cigarette package she has ever emptied ,even old plastic cheap toys that some children had forgotten there.The rest of her collection was locked in the numerous rooms of the apartment (apparently that was the reason she had moved,so that she would have more space for her stuff..).

She wasn't even using her bed because it was full of boxes .She was practically living in her living room.

Although I still admire her for her personality I just can't stand watching such a strong woman living like that.She wanted to be independent but she is not.Useless objects have dominated her whole life.It terrifies me.

I read in an article in the paper and also in apartment therapy about a documentary by Mike Hampton called "possessed".It is about the lives of four hoarders,people just like my English teacher.

It is really interesting and I'm sure you will see part of your self in them.
watch the whole video here:

POSSESSED from Martin Hampton on Vimeo.

After I finished watching it I immediately started throwing away useless stuff and magazines I kept for years.I didn't want to feel attached with objects...

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