Sunday, June 6, 2010

city bike

About a month ago I purchased a beautiful bike from a small underground shop near my home. It wasn't expensive at all and it is so beautiful that I just couldn't resist.I didn't even look in another shop.

They told me that they are the only ones in my country to sell these bikes(it's a cinzia bombi retro bike) and that they import them directly from the Italian company.

Well I thought they were just trying to sell it but apparently it's true!I just found out that the bicycles of  this company from Osteria Grande on the outskirts of Bologna are available only in a few stores worldwide.

I feel so lucky!

Enough with words.Here's a picture of it I found here.I haven't taken a picture of it yet.

Today I had one of the most beautiful days I've had in weeks just riding around the city with my boy riding next to me.I felt liberated.

It was amazing.

Have a nice week!

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