Sunday, April 11, 2010


The reason I am suddenly interested in procrastination is because I have to write an essay for my uni,I've read everything about it,I have made a plan and still I'm not able to sit down and start writing it.

It's weird because the subject I've chosen is really interesting (it's about the witch hunt during the 16th century and specifically about hysterical women who were considered to be witches.But I better stop writing about it here and pass it on the paper...) but I keep procrastinating using many different "reasonable" excuses.

Anyway,i think the guy who made this video is my alter ego. I do the same things he describes with the same order.In addition I extend the procrastinating period by posting these here as if I anyone would read it.I am just looking for excuses...

Btw,this is my desk in the picture during the studying days.Right now it's cluttered with magazines and
 countless useless objects.

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