Saturday, November 7, 2009

breakfast at reichstag's

We wanted to visit the reichstag building but the queue was so long!See for yourself!

So instead of that we booked in the reichstag's restaurant for breakfast so that we wouldn't have to wait.What's more we had our breakfast next to members of the german parliament.The restaurant is located in the large glass dome at the very top of the building.An iconic dome designed by Norman Foster.
Breakfast was great by the way!

here you can see the bavarian breakfast.And yes,it included beer...

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  1. πωπω τα βαϊσβουρστ του ραϊχσταγκ, ειναι πααααρα μα παααααααρ πολυ πολιτικαλι κορεκτ... ο μαϊν γκοτ...